Check Harness And Connector Speedometer Sensor Combination Meter Assembly

Wire Harness Side:

Speedometer Sensor Connector

Wiring Speedometer Sensor Toyota Hilux

Combination Meter Assembly Connector

Meter Assy Combination Yaris


(a) Disconnect the D1 combination meter assembly connector.

(b) Disconnect the C21 speedometer sensor connector.

(c) Measure the resistance Standard resistance

Tester Connection

Specified Condition

D1-17 (SI) - C21-3 (SI)

Below 1 Q

C21-2 (SE) - Body ground

Below 1 Q

(d) Reconnect the combination meter assembly connector.

(e) Measure the voltage Standard voltage

Tester Connection


Specified Condition

C21-1 (IG+) - Body ground

Ignition switch ON

11 to 14V

(f) Reconnect the combination meter assembly and speedometer sensor connectors.

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  • niklas
    What is a celica combination meter?
    8 years ago
  • sheshy
    Where is harness wiring for speedometer location in sequoia?
    8 years ago

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