If your vehicle needs to be towed

(a) Towing with wheel lift type truck— —From front

(b) Using flat bed truck

If towing is necessary, we recommend you to have it done by your Toyota dealer or a commercial tow truck service. In consultation with them, have your vehicle towed using either (a) or (b).

Only when you cannot receive a towing service from a Toyota dealer or commercial tow truck service, tow your vehicle carefully in accordance with the instructions given in "—Emergency towing" in this Section.

Proper equipment will help ensure that your vehicle is not damaged while being towed. Commercial operators are generally aware of the state/provincial and local laws pertaining to towing.

Your vehicle can be damaged if it is towed incorrectly. Although most operators know the correct procedure, it is possible to make a mistake. To avoid damage to your vehicle, make sure the following few precautions are observed. If necessary, show this page to the tow truck driver.


Use a safety chain system for all towing, and abide by the state/provincial and local laws. The wheels and axle on the ground must be in good condition. If they are damaged, use a towing dolly.

(a) Towing with wheel lift type truck From front—Release the parking brake.


When lifting wheels, take care to ensure adequate ground clearance for towing at the opposite end of the raised vehicle. Otherwise, the bumper and/or underbody of the towed vehicle will be damaged during towing.

• Manual transmission:

We recommend using a towing dolly under the front wheels. If you do not use a towing dolly, place the ignition key in the "ACC" position and put the transmission in neutral.


Do not tow with the key removed or in the "LOCK" position when towing from the rear without a towing dolly. The steering lock mechanism is not strong enough to hold the front wheels straight.

• Automatic transmission:

Use a towing dolly under the front wheels.


Never tow a vehicle with an automatic transmission from the rear with the front wheels on the ground, as this may cause serious damage to the transmission.

(b) Using flat bed truck

(c) Towing with sliding type truck

(c) Towing with sling type truck


Do not tow with sling type truck, either from the front or rear. This may cause body damage.

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