Installing front towing eyelet

Before towing, release the parking brake and put the transmission in neutral (manual) or "N" (automatic). The key must be in "ACC" (engine off) or "ON" (engine running).

If the engine is not running, the power assist for the brakes and steering will not work so steering and braking will be much harder than usual.

1. Remove the front towing eyelet cover on the front bumper, using a flathead screwdriver which is wrapped with a cloth.

2. Use the towing eyelet in the tool bag. Secure the front towing eyelet to the hole on the front bumper by turning clockwise. (For the tool bag storage location, see "—Required tools and spare tire" on page 222.)

3. Tighten the front towing eyelet securely by a wheel nut wrench.


When installing the eyelet on the vehicle, be sure to tighten the front eyelet securely. If the eyelet is loose, it may come off when being towed and result in death or serious injury.

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