Measurement Item/ Range(Display)

Normal Condition

Diagnostic Note


Engine speedIMin.: 0 rpm, Max.:12,750 rpm

Approximately same as actual engine speed (When engine is running)


(4) Compare the engine speed displayed on the tester with the tachometer reading. Reference

Standard Indication (r/min)

Acceptable Range [Data in ( ) are for reference]

700 r/min

630 to 770 r/min

1,000 r/min

(900 to 1,100 r/min)

2,000 r/min

(1,850 to 2,150 r/min)

3,000 r/min

2,800 to 3,200 r/min

4,000 r/min

(3,800 to 4,200 r/min)

5,000 r/min

4,800 to 5,200 r/min

6,000 r/min

(5,750 to 6,250 r/min)

7,000 r/min

(6,700 to 7,300 r/min)

Wire Harness Side:

Fuel Sender Gauge Connector

Front View w/o Tachometer:

No. 8 Segment

No. 1 Segment w/ Tachometer:

No. 8 Segment

No. 1 Segment

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