Mpwma Files

° MP3 is short for MPEG Audio Layer 3 and refers to an audio compression technology standard.

0 WMA is short for Windows Media™ Audio. WMA is able to compress audio data to about 1/2 the level of MP3.

0 The MP3/WMA player allows playback of MP3/WMA files on CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW discs.

Disc recordings compatible with level 1 and level 2 of ISO 9660 and with the Romeo and Joliet file system can be played back.

0 When naming a MP3/WMA file, and the corresponding filename extension (.mp3/.wma).

o The MP3/WMA player plays back files with the file name extension (.mp3/.wma) as an MP3/WMA file. To prevent noise and malfunctions, do not use this extension for files other than MP3/WMA files.

0 It is possible to play back multi-session compatible recorded discs.

o When playing discs with MP3/WMA files and audio data (CD-DA) such as CD-EXTRA and MIXED-MODE CD, CD-DA only can be played.

0 Files are compatible with the ID3 Tag Ver. 1.0, Ver. 1.1, Ver. 2.2 and Ver. 2.3 formats for display of album (disc title), track (track title) and artist (track artist).

0 Files are compatible with the WMA Tag for display of album (disc title), track (track title) and artist (track artist).

D Only when MP3/WMA files of 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz frequencies are played back, the emphasis function is valid. (MP3 files: 16, 22.05, 24 kHz sampling frequencies can be played back.)

D The sound quality of MP3/WMA files generally becomes better with higher bit rates. This product can play recordings with bit rates as follows: MP3 files: 64 kbps to 320 kbps WMA files: 48 kbps to 320 kbps But in order to be able to enjoy a certain sound quality, it is recommended to use only discs recorded with a bit rate of at least 128 kbps.

D The MP3/WMA player does not play back MP3/WMA files from discs recorder using packet write data transfer (UDF format). Discs should be recorded using "pre-mastering" software rather than packet-write software.

D There is no m3u playlist compatibility.

0 There is no compatibility with the MP3i (MP3 interactive) or mp3PRO format.

0 The MP3/WMA player is compatible with VBR (Variable Bit Rate).

0 When playing back files recorded as VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files, the play time will not be correctly displayed if fast-forward or reverse operations are used.

0 It is not possible to check folders that do not include MP3/WMA files.

0 MP3 files in up to 8 tiers of folders can be played back. However, there is a delay in the start of playback on discs with numerous tiers. For this reason we recommend creating discs with no more than 2 tiers.

0 It is possible to play back up to 255 files on one disc.

o It is possible to play back up to 192 folders on one disc.

| Folder 1

S3 001

' Folder 2

S3 002 S3 003 J3004 S3 005

Folder 3



Folder 5 /3008

Folder 6 /3009

Folder 7

S3 010

Folder 8

S3 011


0 The turn of play of the compact disc having the structure shown on the left is as follows:

0 The order changes depending on the PC and MP3/WMA encoding software you use.

J2 : MP3/WMA file

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