Overview of instruments and controls

Instrument panel overview 2

Instrument cluster overview 4

Indicator symbols on the instrument panel 6

Instrument panel overview

Toyota Yaris Door Side Airbag Sensor

1. Window lock switch

2. Cup holders

3. Side vents

4. Engine immobilizer/theft deterrent system indicator light

5. Auxiliary boxes

6. Instrument cluster

7. Center vents

8. Glove boxes

9. Personal lights

10. Power window switches

11. Automatic transmission selector lever or manual transmission gear shift lever

12. Parking brake lever

13. Power door lock switches

14. AUX adapter

15. Power rear view mirror control switches

16. Hood lock release lever

17. Instrument panel light control knob

Toyota Yaris Aux Door Anti Fog Switch Symbol

1. Headlight, turn signal and front fog light switches

2. Wiper and washer switches

3. Emergency flasher switch

4. Audio system

5. Front passenger airbag on-off indicator lights

6. Front passenger's seat belt reminder light

7. Rear window defogger switch

8. Power outlet

9. Air conditioning controls

10. Ignition switch

11. Tilt steering lock release lever

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