To lock and unlock all the doors push the switches of the wireless remote control key slowly and securely

To lock: Push the lock switch. All the side doors and back door are locked simultaneously. At this time, the turn signal lights will flash once.

Check to see that the doors are securely locked.

If any of the doors is not securely closed, or if the key is in the ignition switch, locking cannot be performed by the lock switch.

To unlock: Push the unlock switch once to unlock the driver's door alone. Pushing the switch twice within 3 seconds unlocks all the doors simultaneously. Each time the unlock switch is pushed, the turn signal lights will flash twice.

When the unlock switch is pressed, the interior light will come on and remain on for about 15 seconds before fading out. (For further information, see "Interior light" on page 105.)

You have 30 seconds to open a door after using the wireless remote unlock feature. If a door is not opened by then, all the side doors and back door will be automatically locked again.

If the lock or unlock switch is kept pressed in, the locking or unlocking operation is not repeated. Release the switch and then push it again.

—Activating panic mode

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Pushing the panic switch for 1 second blows the horn intermittently and flashes the headlights, tail lights and emergency flashers and turns on the interior light.

The panic switch is used to deter vehicle theft when you witness anyone attempting to break into or damage your vehicle.

The panic mode will last for one minute. To stop the panic mode midway, do the following:

• Turn the ignition key from the "LOCK" to "ON" position.

The panic mode does not work when the ignition key is in the "ON" position.

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