Adjust Front Differential Side Gear Backlash

(a) Fix the front differential pinion to the front differential case side. Using a dial indicator, measure the front differential side gear backlash. Standard backlash:

0.05 to 0.20 mm (0.0020 to 0.0079 in.) If the backlash is outside the specifications, replace the side gear thrust washer. Thrust washer thickness

Parts No.

Thickness mm (in.)

41361 - 22140

0.95 (0.0374 in.)

41361 - 22020

1.00 (0.0394 in.)

41361 - 22150

1.05 (0.0413 in.)

41361 - 22030

1.10 (0.0433 in.)

41361 - 22160

1.15 (0.0452 in.)

41361 - 22040

1.20 (0.0472 in.)


• Because the thrust washer does not have any marks for distinction, measure the thickness with a micrometer to select a proper thrust washer.

• Select washers of the same thickness for both the right and left.

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    How is front differential side gear backlash adjusted?
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