This system is controlled by the main body ECU. The main body ECU outputs signals to each door lock motor. The door lock control system in the vehicle has the following functions:



Manual lock and unlock function

Locks / unlocks all doors by door control switch lock operation (manual operation)

Key-linked lock and unlock function

• Linked with driver door key cylinder

• Locks / unlocks all doors when lock / unlock operation is possible

• Driver side door key-linked lock / unlock function does not operate when seat belt is fastened

Key-linked 2-step unlock

This function is provided to unlock driver's door by turning key cylinder first step and to unlock all doors by turning it second step. However, second step must be performed within three seconds.

All doors lock with transmitter*

Pressing transmitter's LOCK switch locks all doors

All doors unlock with transmitter*

Pressing transmitter's UNLOCK switch unlocks all doors


*: Only for models with wireless door lock system

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