When there is an abnormality in the power supply circuit of the brake actuator (skid control ECU), the skid control ECU sets a DTC and the operation is prohibited by the fail-safe function. This DTC is set when the voltage supplied to terminal IG1 is outside the DTC detection threshold, due to abnormalities in the battery, power source circuits or charging circuits such as the alternator circuit. The fail-safe function is canceled when the voltage to terminal IG1 returns to normal.


DTC Detecting Conditions

Trouble Areas


When any of following conditions detected:

1. At vehicle speed of 2 mph (3 km/h) or more, IG1 terminal voltage 9.5 V or less for 10 seconds or more.

2. When IG1 terminal voltage below 9.5 V, relay off condition continues for 0.2 seconds or more despite ECU turning motor relay on.

3. When IG1 terminal voltage below 9.5 V, wheel speed sensor power source voltage decreases for 60 seconds or more.

• Charging system

• Brake actuator (skid control ECU)

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