Response to mode selection (Power door lock operation):

Add Mode LOCK-UNLOCK operation: Once

Confirmation Mode| LOCK-UNLOCK operation: The number of registered codes (1 to 5 times)

1 cycle



Rewrite Mode LOCK-UNLOCK operation: Twice Prohibition Mode LOCK-UNLOCK operation: 5 times

1 cycle

1 cycle



T1: Approximately 1 second T2: Approximately 2 seconds


• In Confirmation Mode, LOCK-UNLOCK operation will occur once for each recognition code that has been registered. For example, if 2 recognition codes have been registered, the LOCK-UNLOCK operation will occur twice.

• In Confirmation Mode, if no recognition codes have been registered, LOCK-UNLOCK operation will occur 11 times.

• If Confirmation Mode or Prohibition Mode is selected, the operation ends after the response to the selected mode is completed.

(g) Register a new recognition code (Add Mode or Rewrite Mode) in accordance with the following procedure.

(1) Within 45 seconds of Add Mode or Rewrite Mode being selected, press the LOCK and UNLOCK switches on the transmitter switch of the key simultaneously for 1.0 to 1.5 seconds. Within 3 seconds of moving your finger away from the switches, press either switch of the key for more than 1.0 second.

(2) Within 5 seconds of the transmitter switch being released, the LOCK-UNLOCK operation will be automatically performed once if the registration of the recognition code is correctly completed. If the LOCK-UNLOCK operation is performed twice, the registration of the recognition code has failed, so perform the registration procedure from the beginning once again.

Response to registration completion:


Registration of recognition code has been completed.

T1: Approximately 1 second

LOCK-UNLOCK Occurs Twice

Registration of recognition code has failed.

1 cycle

(h) If multiple transmitters need to be registered, repeat the registration of a new recognition code procedure within 45 seconds of the previous registration.

(i) If any of the following conditions is met, the registration mode will end.

(1) The key is inserted into the ignition key cylinder.

(2) Any doors are opened.


(3) 45 seconds or more elapse after code registration.

(j) Registration of the recognition codes (Add Mode and Rewrite Mode) is completed.

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