Fail Safe Operation

• If there is a problem with any sensor signals or actuator systems, the skid control ECU prohibits the power supply to the brake actuator.

ABS control is prohibited, but EBD control continues as far as possible. If EBD control is impossible, the BRAKE warning light comes on to warn the driver (See page BC-24).

• If any system components have malfunctions before starting control, the operation stops immediately. If any system components have malfunctions during control, the control stops gradually so as not to trigger any sudden changes in the vehicle conditions.

If it is impossible to control the systems, the warning light comes on to inform the driver of the malfunctions in the systems (See page BC-24).


• If the ABS system malfunctions, the brake system operates normally without the ABS system control.

• If the brake actuator malfunctions, a gradual loss of brake performance is expected, and ABS system control is prohibited.

ABS and EBD system

Malfunction Area

Fail-Safe Operation

ABS system

ABS control prohibited

EBD system

ABS and EBD control prohibited

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