Front Door Outer Panel Cut Hatchback Door



Hemming Location

Disc Sander




^ Temporarily install the new parts and measure each part of the new parts in accordance with the body dimension diagram. (See the body dimension diagram) ^ Inspect the fitting of the related parts around the new parts before welding. This affects the appearance of the finish.

^ After welding, apply the polyurethane foam to the corresponding parts. ^ After welding, apply body sealer and under-coating to the corresponding parts.

^ After applying the top coat layer, apply anti-rust agent to the inside of the necked section structural weld spots.

Manual Control Panel Toyota Yaris



Before temporarily installing the new parts, apply body sealer to the reinforcement, side impact protection beam and backside of the new parts.


1) Apply sealer evenly of about 10 mm (0.39 in.) from the flange and 3 mm (0.12 in.) in diameter on the outer panel and apply just enough sealer for the reinforcement and side impact protection beam to make contact.

Bend the flange hem about 30° with a hammer and dolly. Then, fasten tightly with a hemming tool. HINT:

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