Inspect Air Conditioning Amplifier

Air Conditioning Amplifier

(a) Remove the air conditioning amplifier with its connectors still connected.

(b) Turn the ignition switch ON.

(c) When the PTC heater operating conditions are met (engine at idling speed or faster, ambient temperature is 10°C (50°F) or less, engine coolant temperature is 65°C (149°F) or less, and No. 3 heater control knob setting is MAX HOT), turn the blower switch to the Lo setting.

(d) Wait 30 seconds.

(e) Measure the voltage. Standard voltage

Tester Connection

Specified Condition

E9-9 (PTC1) - Body ground

11 to 14 V

E9-10 (PTC2) - Body ground

11 to 14 V

E9-12 (PTC3) - Body ground

11 to 14 V

(f) Reinstall the air conditioning amplifier.

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    How to check air conditioner amplifier?
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