2007 Toyota Camry Code U0073

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(2) Turn the ignition switch on.

(3) Read 2-digit DTCs indicated by the blinking of the ABS warning light on the combination meter. HINT:

• If the ABS warning light does not blink, perform relevant troubleshooting procedures. The relevant troubleshooting procedures are described in the sections listed in the table below.

Section Title

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ABS Warning Light does not Come ON


TC and CG Terminal Circuit


Toyota Camry 2007 Trouble Code U0073U0073 Toyota Prius

• As an example, the blinking patterns of the normal system code and DTCs 11 and 21 are shown below.

Normal System Code:

Indication of DTCs 11 and 21

Dlc3 Toyota

DTC 11

DTC 21

DTC 11

DTC 21

Toyota Engine Codes Explained

• DTCs are explained in "DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART" (See page BC-31).

(4) After completing the check, disconnect SST from terminals TC and CG of the DLC3, and turn the ignition switch off. HINT:

If 2 or more malfunctions are detected at the same time, the lowest numbered DTC is displayed first.


(1) Using SST, connect terminals TC and CG of the DLC3.

SST 09843-18040

(2) Turn the ignition switch on.

(3) Clear the DTCs stored in the skid control ECU by depressing the brake pedal 8 times or more within 5 seconds.

(4) Check that the warning light blinks in the normal system code pattern.

(5) Remove SST from the terminals of the DLC3.

(6) Turn the ignition switch off. HINT:

The DTCs cannot be cleared by removing the battery cable or ECU-IG fuse. 5. END OF DTC CHECK/CLEAR

(a) Turn the ignition switch on.

(b) Check that the ABS warning light goes off within approximately 3 seconds.


(c) Turn the ignition switch off.

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