Standard fluid pressure

(1) Install SST and the bleed the air. SST 09709-29018

(2) Raise the front brake caliper pressure and inspect the rear wheel cylinder pressure.

Front Brake Caliper Pressure

Rear Wheel Cylinder Pressure

1,500 kPa (15.3 kgf/cm2, 218 psi)

1,500 kPa (15.3 kgf/cm2, 218 psi)

5,000 kPa (51.0 kgf/cm2, 725 psi)

2,350 kPa (24.0 kgf/cm2, 341 psi)

8,000 kPa (81.6 kgf/cm2, 1,160 psi)

3,100 kPa (31.6 kgf/cm2, 450 psi)


When inspecting the fluid pressure, inspect the left front and right rear together, and the right front and left rear together.

If the rear wheel cylinder pressure is incorrect, replace the proportioning valve. (3) Remove SST.

(d) Install the bleeder plug onto the front brake caliper and rear wheel cylinder.

(f) Check the brake fluid leakage.

Stop Light Switch

Stop Light Switch

Pedal Height
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