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(3) After adjusting the pedal free play, check the pedal height.

Full Stroke V End Position

Full Stroke V End Position

Yaris Manual Lever Shift Shaft
in.) or more Release Point


(a) Check the clutch release point.

(1) Pull the parking brake lever and install a wheel stoppers.

Start the engine and run it at idle. Without depressing the clutch pedal, slowly move the shift lever into reverse until the gears come into contact.

Gradually depress the clutch pedal and measure the stroke distance from the point that the gear noise stops (release point) up to the full stroke end position. Standard distance: 25 mm (0.98 in.) or more (From pedal stroke end position to release point) If the distance is not as specified, perform the following operations.

• Check push rod play and pedal free play.

• Check the clutch cover assembly and disc assembly.

Lancer Clutch Free Pedal Play
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